1060 Ambrose Gale Mary Ward
1631 - 1708 1632 - 1695
  John Codner Joan Bartoll
1620 - 1709 1633 - 1696
945 Benjamin Gale
17 May 1662
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
d. 3 Apr 1714
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Lidia (Lydia) Deliverance Codner
About 1655
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
d. April 1723
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Relationship Events:
About 1677 Marriage Benjamin Gale to Lidia Deliverance Codner
  Mary Gale b. 6 Apr 1677 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
John Dod (Dodd) 14 Sep 1696 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA Eleven Children: Benjamin (1), John (1), Joseph, John (2) Deliverance, Benjamin (2), Sara, Mary Thomas, Charity, and Ambrose Dod
Ancestor Leaf 880 John Gale b. 13 Sep 1679 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; Estate probated in 1715..
Merriam Stacey 12 Nov 1702 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Eight Children: John, Annis, Joseph, Benjamin (1), Ambrose (1), Ambrose (2), Benjamin (2) and Edward Gale
  Ambrose Gale b. 1 Feb 1633 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. Probate to Jemima Gale in 1710.
Jemima Pousland 22 Mar 1710 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA One Child: Benjamin
  Elizabeth Gale b. 1685 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d.
Robert Girdler 31 Jan 1708 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA (Possibly John Blackner, see notes below). Two Children: Elizabeth and Francis Girdler
  Delyverance Gale b. 1690 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA;
Robert Knight 26 Sep 1713 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Five Children: Elizabeth, Mary, William, Robert, and Hannah Knight
  Benjamin Gale b. 5 Nov 1694 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. ?
Eleanor Scadlock 7 Dec 1719 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Four Children: Ann, Deliverance, Mary, and Elizabeth Gale
  Samuell Gale bp. 3 Oct 1699 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. ?
Mary Stadden 7 Dec 1719 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Five Children: Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth, Deliverance, and Hannah Gale
What We Know


Benjamin Gale, the father of our family group, listed himself in his will as a "shoreman."

Benjamin married Deliverance Codner, daughter of John Codner as evidenced in the document signed by her son Samuel upon the probate of her estate in 1723. This document also mentions that in 1723, Samuel was his mother's only surviving son.


Benjamin and Lydia had seven children, most if not all of whom survived to marry and have families of their own.

The one probate record we were able to find on any of the sons or sons-in-law was for John Dod, who listed himself as a "fisherman."




The first set of records indicates the difficulty in establishing with absolute certainty the woman who married Benjamin Gale. That he and a woman named "Lidia" had several children is a certainty, along with their birth dates.

The following record indicates that he had two wives:

I am surmising that they are one and the same "Lydia Deliverance Codner", daughter of John Codner and Mary Bartoll, and that the above record was prepared from contemporary records, when she sometimes used the name "Lidia" (or Lydia) and sometimes "Deliverance." Two separate LDS records are presented below. The one on the left is for our direct descendant, John Gale, the son of Benjamin and Lydia (Deliverance) Codner. The one on the right is a separate record indicating that Benjamin had two wives, the second being a Deliverance Wakefield. The LDS submissions must generally be looked at askance. The one the left was submitted by a Mr. Stacey in Marblehead, and while researching our family, I've found many records submitted by this individual. They appear to be much more reliable than average. (Also note that this particular one was submitted on one of his Stacey ancestors). The one on the right lists no dates, and no children were listed as having been born to "Deliverance." A "Deliverance" was however born to Benjamin and Lidia.


The birth records below come from the Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 located at NEHGS:

The marriage records for their children below are from the same source. There are two records which are questionable owing to the numerous Gales with the same first names who were born in Marblehead. It's quite possible that the Ambrose Gale who married Jemima Pousland was the son of Ambrose Gale, Jr. John Blackler, the son of his father Blackner and Joan Codner, married an Elizabeth Gale in Marblehead about 3 years after Robert Girdler married another Elizabeth Gale. Benjamin's daughter would have been 23 when she married Robert Girdler, or 26 when she married John Blackler. Elizabeth and John Blackler had five children: Elias, Elizabeth (1), Elizabeth (2), Mary and Sarah between 1712 and 1723. Elizabeth and Robert Girdler had two children, Elizabeth and Francis (named for his father) between 1709 and 1719. John Blackner, whose father appears to be the brother of Elizabeth's mother Lydia Codner, would make them first cousins. This relationship, however, doesn't make the answer any more certain as Marblehead was a very small community in those days.

The death records for the parents Benjamin and (Lydia) Deliverance are the only two that could be found for this family. Two of the four probate summaries are for the parents, one is for a son-in-law, and that last one for their son Samuel.


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