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This Family Tree consists of the ancestors of Joseph Harris Henderson and his wife Florence Rosina Kuehnle
and those of Gerhard Paul Wiegand and his wife Margarethe Clauss. The information is divided into two sections:
The Direct Descendants section provides the family groups as headed by each couple. The Trees section provides
graphics of the trees for purposes of visually seeing how the family groups fit in with each other.


King Phillip's War: Richard Knott Surgeon
Thomas Hartshorn Along with sons John, Joseph
David Oliver  
Revolutionary War Patriots: John Harris Along with his three brothers Robert, Mason, and William Harris.
Thomas Martin
Richard Besom
Thomas Lemaster  
John Adams  

Salem Witchcraft Trials:

John Proctor Hanged during the 1692 Witchcraft Trials; his wife Elizabeth Bassett Proctor was imprisoned and later released.
Remember Dixey Proctor Remember was the daughter of Elizabeth Merritt and her husband Thomas Dixey and the granddaughter of Nicholas Merritt, Sr. and Mary Sandin. Remember married Joseph Proctor, son of Joseph who was the brother of John Proctor (above)
William Bassett William's daughter Elizabeth (the wife of John Proctor) was accused and sentenced to hang after her infant was born. She spent months in jail where her son was born, and was spared be the return of reason in Salem. William's daughter-in-law, Sarah Hood Bassett (the wife of William, Jr.) was tried for witchcraft and imprisoned for five months. 
Bridget Oliver Bishop Hanged during the 1692 Witchcraft Trials
Sarah Churchwell Great-granddaughter of Richard Bonython was first a confessor, then an accuser of her employer, George Jacobs, Sr., who was condemned and hanged.
Mary Parker Webber The daughter of John Parker, Jr. and her son Samuel Webber both testified against George Burroughs, a minister whose religious views differed from Cotton Mather. That disagreement probably cost him his life as he was convicted and hanged for witchcraft.
  Ambrose Gale and Charity Gale Pittman The daughter of Ambrose Gale and her father both testified against Wilmott Redd. Wilmott was convicted and hanged.
War of 1812: George Lemaster
Factory (Brewery) Owners: Samuel Ruggles Henderson S.R. Henderson Cut Glass Company
Thomas Martin Harris



Thomas M. Martin Shoe Manufacturing Co.

Joseph Frank Harris Joseph Harris & Sons Shoe Manufacturer
Peter Schemm Peter Schemm & Son Brewery
Famous and Infamous Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and In-Laws: Commodore Louis Kuehnle


Atlantic City Political Boss

Brigadier General John Glover Served Under George Washington. He owned the first ship in the U.S. Navy, named for his wife Hannah (Gale)
Joseph Story U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1811 - 1845
Barbara Stanwyck


Hollywood and Television Actress

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



American poet and educator was a descendent of Richard Bonython

Philip Ashton, Jr.

Charlrs Known as the "Robinson Crusoe of Marblehead," Ashton and his cousins Nicholas Merritt and Joseph Libby were captured by pirates. (All three were the grandsons of John and Susanna Foxwell Ashton). Merritt escaped after a few months. Ashton escaped to a deserted island and lived in isolation for 16 months before he was rescued. His story was written into The Strange Adventures of Philip Asshton, Jr. Libby was captured on a pirate ship, and crying his innocense, was found guilty and hanged with 25 others in a mass execution on Rhode Island.


  Agnes Surriage Young and poor, and while scrubbing floors at Marblehead's Fountain Inn, she captured the heart of Baronet Charles Frankland and became the heroine of a Pygmalion story for the locals.
Ancestors Who Gave Us Two or More Ancestors in One Generation: John Pederick and Mary Brown Richard and Joseph Pederick
John Peach and Alice Hannah and William Peach
Hannah Devereux Margaret Greenfield and Eleanor Knott
Thomas Martin and Eleanor Knott Knott and Sarah Martin
John Pederick Agnes, Sarah, and John Pederick
Thomas Martin and Martha Nicholson Thomas and Arnold Martin
Hannah, John, and Emme Devereux
John Stasey and Eleanor Pitman John and Grace Stasey (Stacey)


Dead Ends: (Not including Wives whose Surnames are Unknown)


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