1035 Arthur Sandin
d. 1667
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA


d. About 1675
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Relationship Events:
  Marriage Arthur Sandin to Margaret (Last name unknown) about 1614
John Sandin d. Before 1667

Wife's name unknown

Two Children: Ephraim and Samuel Sandin
965 Mary Sandin ?
Before 1643 Nicholas Merritt in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts Nine Children: John, James, Samuel, Mary, Martha, Rebecca, Nicholas, Elizabeth, and Hannah Merritt.
What We Know


"The Founders of The Massachusetts Bay Colony", by Sarah Saunders Smith, 1897.

Ms. Saunders wrote that Arthur was one of two of the sons of Sir Edwin Sandys to come to New England.

1635: Arthur SANDYS or SANDERS, son of Sir Edwin, came to Marblehead, Essex, MA, (Salem), and engaged in the fisheries. "Arthur received a grant the 23d of the 10th month, 1638, at the general town meeting at Salem, Mass." [2], pg. 12.

Sir Edwin Sandys was one of the founders of the Virginia Company, and an author and parliamentarian as well as a colonizer. These credentials would lend credence to what she wrote; however, Sir Edwin's first three wives had no sons, and Sir Edwin's seven sons by his 4th wife, Lady Katherine Burkeley are listed in a document, and Arthur is not one of them, so this information cannot be verified.

Arthur Sandin was granted land in Marblehead in 1638. He had the first inn in Marblehead when in 1649 he was licensed as an "ordinary" keeper (innkeeper). He was licensed to sell wine in 1645, and the license to sell beer and provisions was renewed in 1658.

In March 1648 the town of Salem ordered: That Marblehead with the allowance of the General Court shall be a town and the bounds to be to the utmost extent of the land which was Mr Humphries farme and soe all the land to the sea. May 2 1649 the General Court granted the petition of the inhabitants and the town was duly incorporated as follows. Upon the petition of the inhabitants of Marblehead for them to be a town of themselves Salem having granted them to be a town of themselves and appointed them the bounds of their town which the Court doth grant. Shortly after the separation from Salem a meeting of the inhabitants was held and the following town officers were chosen or as the record expresses it: These men were chosen for the town's business Seven men or select men Moses Maverick, Samuel Daliber, Francis Johnson, Nicholas Merritt, John Peach senior, John Deverox, John Bartoll.

Arthur was appointed as constable for Marblehead in 1652.

Margaret's will provides the names of their children and grandchildren and proves her relationship as mother to the wife of Nicholas Merritt. The Merritts had four sons and five daughters, the youngest of whom had died young. Inventory of the estate of Margaret Sandin deceased appraised by "Cristover Lattemore, William Browne, and Nathenell Walton one Feather Bed 2li 1 Bolster and 2 Pillowes 15s 2 old Blanketts & 1 old Rugg 10s 1 old Cat taile & old Bedding 12s 1 old Couerled 12s 1 old Chair 2s 1 old bedstead and 1 old Bedd matt 10s 1 pare Curtans and old Vallins 12s 1 Looking Glace 1s 6d 1 old Warming Pann 4s 2 Pare Pillowbeers 6s 3 old pillow beers fitt for nothing but tinder 6 sheetes Hi 16s 5 old sheetes 15s 1 Table Cloth 1 Bolster Cloth 10s a small parsell of table Lining fitt for tinder 1 old Chest made of pine 5s 1 old wainscott Chest 7s 1 frame Table 12s 5 Joynt stooles Hi 7s 6d 1 Brass Kettle Hi 5s 1 Iron pott 15s 1 old Iron pott and pott Hooks 8s 2 old Iron."