965 Nicholas Merritt Mary Sandin
1613 - 1651 1580 - 1601
  970 John Ashton Susannah Foxwell
About 1634 - After 1714 ? - 1775
870 Nicholas Merritt
b. About 1667
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts
d. Jun 1736
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Ashton

b. About 1687
York Cponty. Maine
d. ?
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts
Relationship Events:
About 1643 Marriage Nicholas Merritt and Mary Sandin in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts
  Elizabeth Merritt bp.30 March 1690 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Died Young
Nicholas Merritt bp. 13 Mar 1691 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA


  Mary Merritt bp. . 27 May 1694 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
  Samuel Merritt bp. 8 Mar 1695 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Charity Saunders 17 Jun 1724 in Marbletown, Essex, Massachusetts Four Children: Miriam, Nicholas, Elizabeth, and Charity Merritt
  Elizabeth Merritt bp. 8 May 1698 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
John Pearce 30 Nov 1715 in Marbletown, Essex, Massachusetts Fourteen Children (Three Sets of Twins): John, twins Mary & Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Rebecca, Rebecca, twins Mehitable & Jane, Anna, Ruhamah, twins Ruhamah & Martha, and Nathaniel Pearce
  Mary Merritt bp. 12 May 1700 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Robert Pierce 10 Dec 1717 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts Five Children: Elizabeth, Richard, Robert, Mary, and Elizabeth Pierce
Nicholas Merritt, III Bp. 29 Mar 1702 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts
Jean/Jane Giffard 2 Dec 1724 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts Three Children: Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Mary Merritt
  David Merritt bp. 11 Feb 1704 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
  Rebecca Merritt bp, 14 May 1704 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Robert Gifford 8 Dec 1722 in Marbletown, Essex, Massachusetts Six Children: Robert, William, Merritt, Nicholas Merritt, Rebecca, and Elizabeth Giffotd
710 Jean/Jane Merritt bp. 10 Mar 1705 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Richard Pederick 16 Nov 1721 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts Eleven Children: Jean, Richard, Jean, Mary, Nathaniel. Elizabeth, Ruhamah, Miriam, Rebecca, Sarah, and John Pierce Pederick
What We Know



Their first three children apparently died young as later children were given their names. I was unable to find any information on their son David.

SAMUEL married Charity Saunders, who shared Sandin ancestors with him.

Samuel Merritt Tree

Their next two children, ELIZABETH and MARY, married brothers John and Robert Pierce (spelled various ways). The Pierces, like the Ashtons, were refugees from the Indian wars in Maine. A third brother, Richard, married Hannah Bassett, the daughter of our ancestor John Bassett. Their sister married Edward Surriage and had eight children, one of whom, Agnes, became the subject of a romantic rags-to-riches tale. Her family being large and poor, she accepted employment as a tavern maid at the Fountain Inn in Marblehead as a teenager.



Their son, NICHOLAS, was captured by pirates along with two of his cousins, Joseph Libby and Philip Ashton. Nicholas escaped and returned a year later after further capture and imprisonment by the British. The tales of all three young men appear in the recently published book At the Point of the Gregory Flemming. Joseph Libby's was a tragic tale as he was captured and hanged as a pirate with 25 others in spite of efforts to defend him based on the circumstances of his capture. John and Susannah Foxwell Ashton were the grandparents of all three, and articles about Joseph's trial appear on thir page. Philip Ashton managed to escape onto a deserted island where he spent 16 months before he was rescued by a passing schooner. His adventures were written up a few years after his return.



Nicholas married Jean/Jane Giffard (Gifford) after his return, and they had three children.

His sister REBECCA had married Robert Gifford in 1722, the year her brother was captured. I was unable to find out the origins of the Giffords, but I suspect Robert and Jean, the spouses of Rebecca and Nicholas respectively, were siblings.

The Merritt's youngest child, JEAN, is our direct ancestor. She married Jodeph Pederick.



The following record relates to Richard and Jean's daughter, Ruhamah Pederick. She married Isaac Surriage, the youngest child of Mary Pierce Surriage, sister of Robert and John Pierce, who married two of her aunts. Isaac was therefore the brother of Lady Agnes Surriage Frankland. I could find marrage references for only four of the eight Surriage children: Agnes (Sir Charles Frankland); Isaac (Ruhamah Pederick), Edward, whose wife Mary, is mentioned in the York deed below, and Mary, who inherited her sister Agnes' Massachusetts estate. She married first McLester (with varied spellings) and had three children by him. She married secondly Swain.

There are several deeds filed in York County. I've copied only one. It references the Pierce Brothers and their sister's McClester son.