620 Captain Thomas Martin Martha Nicholson
1732 - 1828 1739 - 1816
  630 Thomas Oliver Elizabeth Grant
Before 1727 - ? ? - ?
521 Captain Arnold Martin
b. Nov 1765
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
d. 22 Aug 1829
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Mary Oliver

bp. 11 Nov 1764
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
d. 24 Mar 1838
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Relationship Events:
29 Jul 1792 Marriage Captain Arnold Martin to Mary Oliver
  Arnold Martin b. 29 Aug 1793 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 1 Oct 1830 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Sparhawk Four Children: Unknown Infant (stillborn); Oliver Thomas, John Sparhawk, and Samuel Sparhawk Martin
  Oliver Martin bp. 19 Jul, 1795 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. 24 Sep 1816 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Died at 21 of Typhus Fever  
  Thomas Martin bp. 26 Nov 1797 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts; d. About 1817
Died at 20 "at Port au Prince with Captain Francis G. Selman"  
Ancestor Leaf Mary Oliver Martin bp. 15 Dec 1799 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. 17 Sep 1844 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
1. Benjamin Valentine in 1820
2. George LeMaster in 1824
Six Children: Unknown, George, Thomas, Mary Oliver, Sarah Jane, and Unknown Son Lemaster
  Martha Martin bp. 6 Nov 1803 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. after 1829
What We Know


We know from his will that like his father, Arnold Martin was a "coaster" in Marblehead. Family gravestones also call him "Captain", so he probably owned his own vessel. He was also at one point the Shipmaster for the port at Marblehead.

Not too much is known of this family group. Arnold Martin married Mary Oliver in 1792, and together they had five children for whom we can find records. Their oldest son Arnold married Mary Sparhawk of Marblehead, and they had four pregnancies, including a stillbirth in the first year of their marriage and the death at a young age of their seven-year-old son. Arnold himself was still alive when his father died in 1829.

Their second son Oliver died of typhus fever at the age of 21 in 1816, and their next son Thomas died one or two years later at Port au Prince with Captain Francis Selman when he was 20.

Their fourth child Mary Oliver was our direct ancestor and married first Benjamin Valentine, who died not long after. She then married George LeMaster, and together they had six children including two who died before they were given names. Sadly, of their six children, only their son George and their daughter Mary lived to adulthood. Mary herself died of tuberculosis at a fairly young age.

Their youngest child Martha born in 1803 was apparently still single and living at home when her father died in 1829. Nothing more can be found about her.

Arnold Martin left a will naming his surviving wife Mary as executrix. He wrote his will while in poor health. He died of tuberculosis at the age of 63. (His widow survived him for another decade or so). The will and accompanying papers have been transcribed below:

In the name of God, amen. I, Arnold Martin of Marblehead in the county of Essex and commonwealth of Massachusetts, coaster, being weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, do, this twenty second day of July in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty nine, make, publish and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following viz.

It is my will and direction, that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid as soon as it can conveniently be done after my decease; and for this purpose I hereby authorize and direct my executrix hereinafter named to make sale of such part or parts of my personal or real estate, as may be necessary to effect this object.

I do hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary Martin all my real and personal estate, of every name and description, which may remain after my debts are paid; the whole of which not being more than sufficient to yield to her a comfortable subsistence a to afford my daughter Martha Martin, who resides with her, a home and sufficient house room, while she remains unmarried.  It is to be distinctly understood, that in bequeathing both my real and personal property to my wife, Mary Martin, it is my will and intention, that the fee simple thereof should be wholly vested in her, so that she shall have the right to dispose it in such manner as she shall find it most expedient.

I do hereby give and bequeath unto my son Arnold Martin ten dollars, and to my daughter, Mary LeMaster ten dollars and to my daughter Martha Martin ten dollars to be paid to them by my executrix out of the personal property of which I may devised; these sums being the utmost, which can be spared from the property, which I have herein bequeathed to their mother for her support.

Lastly, revoking all other wills by me heretofore made, I do hereby appoint my wife Mary Martin to be executrix of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year before written in this instrument.

Arnold Martin

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the aforementioned, Arnold Martin, … his last will and testament, in presence of us, who, at the request of said Martin and in his presence have hereunto submitted our names as witnesses to the same:

Chandler Flagg
John Bartlett
Abigail D. Swasey

To the Honorable Daniel A. White Esquire, Judge of Probate for the County of Essex,




Pursuant to a warrant from your honor, we, the subscribers, the committee therein named, having been first sworn, have made the following


Real Estate
One undivided fourth part of one half of the Nichols house, so called
2 cow leases on the neck at $75 each
1/2 the dwelling house and outhouse and land under and adjoining the Swett house, so called
1/2 ? No. 40 in the new meeting house
Personal Estate
2 green chairs
6 flag bottom chairs
1 round do
1 desk and drawers
1 light stand
1 card table
1 small ? table
Five set ?
1 pair bellows
Crockery ware
9 silver spoons
Pewter and tinware
3 flat irons
Earthen and wooden ware and sundries
2 saws and 2 hammers
2 pine tables
1 sieve and 1 small ladle
2 buckets and tubs
1 feather bed
1 four-foot table
1 card table
1 snap table
1 looking glass
1 Bible
1 pair tongs and shovel set
1 hair trunk
1 pair cotton sheets
1 pair linen do
Wearing apparel
6 pair pillow cases
5 pair blankets
1 counterpane and curtains
2 woollen quilts
Lot of old nails
Lot of old cable and rigging
1 copper kettle and trivet
2 old wheelbarrows
Sameul E H. Grecus note dated May 8, 1828 for $18 18 cents and interest
Brought Forward: Amount of real estate
Amount of personal estate

Dated at Marblehead this fourteenth day of October, A.D. 1829.

Signed:            Mary Martin, Executrix

                        John Bartlett
Isaac Collyer                          Committee
J. Sparhawk, Jr.

Essex, ss. At a Court of Probate holden at Marblehead in and for said county, on the first Wednesday in April, A.D. 1830.

Mary O. Martin, executrix, presents the foregoing, and makes oath that it contains a true and perfect inventory of the estate of Arnold Martin, late of Marblehead, in said county, coaster, deceased, testate, so far as has come to her hands or knowledge, and that if any thing further shall hereafter appear, she will cause it to be of record herewith in the probate office: -- It is thereupon decreed, that the same be accepted, allowed and record.

Signed: D.A. White, Judge of Probate




VItal Records for the Family

The marriage record for Arnold Martin and Mary Oliver

On the left below are the baptism records for Arnold and Mary's children. To the right are the available marriage records for their children:


Death records for a few members of the family are followed by "Find a Grave" Listings at Green Cemetery in Marblehead:

Arnold Tombstones


May 9, 2011: I found an entry on concerning our direct descendant Arnold Martin made by Adam L. Martin, who is a 1st cousin six times removed of Arnold Martin. I asked him his source for the information that Arnold Martin had been a Shipmaster of Marblehead Harbor. Adam kindly sent the following response. I did indeed check out his blog, and it contains some interesting information he's dug up on some of his ancestors, our own distant cousins. A snip of the Biographical Sketches article appears below that:

Thank you for your email. I'd love to find out more about your interaction with the NEHGS. 
My source for Arnold Martin being a shipmaster at Marblehead was "Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts" (Graves and Steinbarger, 1901), which is available on Google Books. Under the entry for JOHN SPARHAWK MARTIN, which begins on page 185, "Captain Arnold Martin, first, his (John Sparhawk Martin's) grandfather was a shipmaster of this port (Marblehead)."

I have a blog that I do called If you have a chance to check it out, I would really like to hear what you think.
Please keep in touch and let me know how your research is going. (And let me know about any sources that I may have overlooked - I know the list is endless!)

All the best,
Adam L. Martin
1st Cousin, six times removed of Capt. Arnold Martin of Marblehead
Arnold Martin Sr., Captain, Shipmaster of Marblehead Harbor (1765 - 1829)

Thomas Martin Captain, of Marblehead (1731 - 1828)
Father of Arnold
Knott Martin Sr., twin of Sarah (1708 - 1796)
Father of Thomas
Knott Martin Jr., Capt., of Marblehead (1735 - 1822)
Son of Knott
Ambrose Bowen Martin Sr., Captain (1773 - 1851)
Son of Knott
Elbridge Gerry Martin Sr., of Salem (1815 - 1873)
Son of Ambrose Bowen
Elbridge Gerry Martin Captain, Jr. (1843 - 1902)
Son of Elbridge Gerry
Frank L. Martin (1875 - 1956)
Son of Elbridge Gerry
Allen Littlefield Martin (1907 - 2000)
Son of Frank L.
Allen Lowe Martin (1947 - 2006)
Son of Allen Littlefield
Adam Lowe Martin (1969 - )
Son of Allen Lowe



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