Hannah Peach
? - 1684
1647 - 1687
Ann Bush
1628 - 1678
815 Thomas Waters
b. ?
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
d. 1728
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Mary Roundee

b. ?
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
d. ?
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Relationship Events:
  Marriage Thomas Waters to Alice Bartoll in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts
  Marriage Thomas Waters to Mary Roundee in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
  Thomas Waters bp. 25 Aug 1689 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

? No records found



  Anna Waters b. 2 May 1695 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Norden Pederick 28 Dec 1713 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Three Children:Jane, Mary, and Mary Pederick
  Mary Waters b. 24 Apr 1698 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Nehemiah Barker 1 Nov 1716 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Three Children: Anne, Lydia and Mary Barker
  William Waters b. 5 Sep 1700 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
? No records found  
Ancestor Leaf Jane Waters b. 2 May 1703 in Salem, essex, Massachusetts
John Oliver 25 Dec 1725 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts Five Children: Thomas, Sarah, John, Sarah, and John Oliver
  Elias Waters b. 11 Jun 1706 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Mary Dimant 12 May 1728 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts Five Children: Mary, William, Thomas, Mary and Anna Waters
  John Waters b. 17 Jul 1708 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts m. Bethia Martin 30 Sep 1728 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts Seven Children: Mary, Thomas, William, Hannah, Elizabeth, John, and John Waters
What We Know


Thomas Waters, a mariner born in Marblehead, first married Alice Bartoll, the granddaughter of our direct ancestors 1105 John Bartoll and Parnell Hodder.

Thomas's daughter Jane Waters, who I knew had married John Oliver, was a frustrating genealogical brick wall for awhile. General searches for "Jane Waters, Marblehead" resulted in several finds for the Jane Waters who was the daughter of William Waters and Elizabeth Latimer. Further investigation resulted in the record of her death as a child in the 1690s.



Discovery that Thomas had moved to Salem after the early death of his first wife, Alice, led to the Salem Vital Records for Thomas "Walters" and his second wife, Mary Roundee (Roundy).

Confirmation that Thomas Walters and Thomas Waters were the same individual was aided by the listing of his first son's baptism in both Marblehead and in Salem (along with all his half siblings).

We know that Thomas was a mariner. I could find no information for his sons Thomas and William after their births, but his remaining children survived childhood and married. Although his children by Mary were all born in Salem, all those who married except one settled in Marblehead.

I coild not find a probate record for Thomas nor a death record for his wife, Mary; thereforeI'm not sure when he died. Thomas himseld was buried back in Marblehead.

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