505 Johann Martin Wiegand Anna Christianne Heyer
1744 -1805 1760 - ?
  510 Christian Heinrich Vogel Unknown
401 Carl Christian Wiegand
b. 17 Jan 1784
Greiz-Pohlitz, Thuringen, Germany
d. 4 Mar 1854
Greiz-Pohlitz, Thuringen, Germany
Christine Sophie Vogel
b. 9 Sep 1797
Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
d. 19 May 1847
Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Relationship Events:
5 May 1819 Marriage  
Ancestor Leaf 301 Karl August Wiegand b.1821 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany; d. 1904 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Karoline Wilhelmene Lorenz, b. 13 Nov 1819 in Langenbernsdorf, Sachsen, Germany; d.1847 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany Five Children: Franz Robert, Karl, Robert, Louise, and Henrietta Wiegand
What We Know

Carl Wiegand married at the age of 35 years. His wife was 22 years old at the time of their marriage. During his lifetime, Abraham Lincon (1809-1865) lived in America, and Johann Wolfgang van Goethe (1744-1832) lived in Germany.

There was the revolution in France, and Napolean Bonaparte saw the height and the loss of his power when he was defeated in the great battle of Leipzip in 1813. Most of his soldiers returned through Greiz to Franz at this time.

Carl was a Guild Weaving Master and Burger of Greiz, and was an Evangelic Lutheran.


Citation: Personal records of Gerhard Paul Wiegand, 1959.

Gerhard wrote:

By old birth and churchbook records, it was possible to trace our family back to 1744. Positive records beyond this year could not be found, as such most likely had been or were lost by fires or wars.

The records "Ahmenblaft zur Sippschafts tafel" were notarized 18 Dec 1934.

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