401 Carl Christian Wiegand Christine Sophie Vogel
1784 - 1854 1797 - 1847
  402 Johann Gottfried Lorenz Johanna Rosina Stosel
1787 - 1820 1789 - 1820
301 Karl August Wiegand
b. 20 Jan 1821
Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
d. 18 Jul 1890
Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Karoline Wilhelmene Lorenz
b. 13 Nov 1819
Langenbernsdorf, Sachsen, Germany
d. 1 Feb 1904
Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Relationship Events:
7 Nov 1848 Marriage Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Ancestor Leaf 201 Franz Robert Wiegand b.10 Oct 1858 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany; d. 8 Apr 1931 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Marie Louise Dillner, b. 8 Aug 1859 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany; d.15 Jun 1918 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany



  Karl Wiegand Greiz, Thuringen, Germany   ? ?
  Robert Wiegand Greiz, Thuringen, Germany   ? ?
  Louise Greiz, Thuringen, Germany   ? ?
  Henrietta Greiz, Thuringen, Germany   ? ?
What We Know

Karl was a Guild Weaving Master, a Burger of Greiz, and an Evangelic Lutheran. Gerhard Wiegand wrote that he remembered his grandmother Karoline very well. He visited her often, and when asked if was hungry, she gave him a piece of black rye bread with sugar. He remembers that she was never sick during her life, but died of an infection of her foot. She was a nurse during terrible epidemics in Germany.

Karl Wiegand had his own hand looms in his home and employed two weavers. Yarn was supplied by factors, and wages were paid by the factoires for the amount of goods woven. He prepared his own warps, and his children prepared the spools for the shuttles. The entire family helped with this work.

Wages were very low. Gerhard's father told him that once during a certain Christmas week, the pay was one silver Thaler (one American Dollar). On this Thaler, Karl and Karoline had to live with their five children. On this particular Christmas, there was no tree, no presents, and in place of the usual Christmas stollen, they had plain rolls.

Karl had a son named Paul, and Robert had a son named Robert, Jr. Both these sons lived in Greiz.


Citation: Personal records of Gerhard Paul Wiegand, 1959.

Gerhard wrote:

By old birth and churchbook records, it was possible to trace our family back to 1744. Positive records beyond this year could not be found, as such most likely had been or were lost by fires or wars.

The records "Ahmenblaft zur Sippschafts tafel" were notarized 18 Dec 1934.

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