305 Joseph Henderson Catharine W. McDonald
1799 - 1873 1831 - 1875
  306 Thomas Martin Harris Mary Oliver Lemaster
1830 - s. 1910 1835 - s. 1910
203 Samuel Ruggles Henderson
b. 29 May 1865
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
d. 23 Mar 1927
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Martha M. (Martin?) Harris
b. 17 Jun 1867
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
d. 23 Jun 1899
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Relationship Events:
4 Feb 1885 Marriage In her parents' home on Broad Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  Samuel Ruggles Henderson, Jr. b. 10 Apr 1886 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Elsie May Wicks, b. 1888; d. ? One Child: Samuel Ruggles Henderson III
  Harris Henderson b. Dec 1887 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; d. 16 Sep 1888 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died as an infant of cholera  
Ancestor Leaf Joseph Harris Henderson b. 28 Jun 1889 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; d. Mar 1971 in Egg Harbor City, Atlantic, New Jersey, USA

Florence Rosina Kuehnle
b. 29 Aug 1892 in Egg Harbor City, Atlantic, New Jersey, USA; d. May 1975 in New Jersey, USA

Four Children: Joseph Harris Jr., Catherine Louise, Florence Emma, Gloria Jean Henderson
  Martha (Marto) Catherine Henderson b. 7 May 1895 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; d. 25 Jan 1963 in Maumee, Lucas, Ohio, USA
Charles H. Cox, b. 1886 in Pennsylvania; d. ? Three children: Charles Hugg, Marto Henderson, and William Smallwood Cox,
What We Know


Samuel Ruggles Henderson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania just after the end of the Civil War on May 25, 1865 to Joseph Henderson and his wife Catharine. His parents both died by the time he was 10 years old. His father had set up a substantial trust fund for each of his three surviving sons. The two older boys were found living with a man identified as their cousin, John Reed, when the 1880 census was taken. That same census shows that Samuel at 15 years of age was living with his uncle James Henderson and his wife Isabella in Philadelphia. James and his wife Isabella showed that they were both bornin West Virginia.

Samuel married Martha M. Harris, the daughter of Thomas Martin and Mary Oliver Lemaster Harris in Philadelphia on 4 Feb 1885. Martha and her half-sister Lizzie plus her younger sister and brother had all been born in Marblehead, Massachusetts, where Thomas Harris worked in his father's shoe manufacturing business, Joseph Harris & Sons. Thomas relocated to Philadelphia and started his own shoe manufacturing business sometime before 1880, when we can find the family in their new home.

Samuel and Martha had four children. Samuel Ruggles, Jr. was their first child, born in 1886. Their second child Harris was born probably in December 1887 and died ten months later. My grandfather, Joseph Harris Henderson, was born 28 June 1889. His sister Martha Catherine (known as "Marto"). was born 7 May 1895.

The following 1895 Philadelphia City Directory listing indicates that Samuel and his father-in-law may have been in business together in that year. The type of business is not specified. We know from the census records and family histories that Samuel had a cut glass factory.

Sadly, Martha Harris Henderson died shortly of typhoid after her 32nd birthday when her three surviving children were thirteen years old and younger. She was buried at the West Laurel Cemetery with her infant son Harris.



In 1906, Samuel was still living in the home he shared with Martha and their children. In the 1910 and 1920 Census, he was on Delancey Street in Philadelphia in the home of Anna Porter and her two grown children, Anna ("junior") and Daniel. On both censuses, he listed himself as a manufacturer (of "cut glass" on one and "glassware on the 2nd). His father-in-law had by 1910 relocated to Atlantic City.

It's difficult to determine where the children lived after their mother's death. A 1906 listing in Boyd's Blue Book finds Samuel Jr. ("Ruggles") living with his father, but without Joseph and Marto, whom we assume were in schools. The 1910 census lists 15-year-old Marto living with her father (listed as a guest) in the home of Anna Porter and her daughter on Delancey Street in Philadelphia.

I heard from the grand-nephew of a woman named Elyse Wicks, whose marriage certificate in his possession shows that she married Samuel Ruggles, Jr., son of Martha Harris and Samuel R. Henderson. The 1920 census shows the couple living in Pittsburgh with their son Samuel Ruggles Henderson III. On this census, Samuel Jr. lists himself as a millinery merchant. A record found in Michigan indicates that he died in 12 Dec 1987. His wife/widow was Ruth and is living in Michigan in 2011. She met her husband while he was attending the University of Michigan.

Marto married Charles Cox of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania in 1914, and the couple relocated first to New York and then to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania where the 1920 census finds them with their three children Charles, Marto, and William Cox. Marto's daughter Marto married Will Atkinson (her death record appears below) and together they had three children.

Samuel Ruggles Henderson, Sr. married Anna Porter (the daughter) sometime between the 1910 census and 1914 when his daughter's marriage announcement was published. He died in 1927, and is buried with Anna in the West Laurel Cemetery.

Obituary in the Philadelphia Public Ledger March 27, 1927:

Henderson, Samuel R. Suddenly, March 23, 1927, husband of Anna Porter Henderson. Relations and frends are invited to services Saturday 1 pm at his late residence 2309 Delancy St. Interment private.

Anna Porter Henderson ("Aunt Anna" to her Henderson step- nieces and nephews) died in April 1970.


In April 2011, Marto's granddaughter nee Margaret Henderson Cox contacted me through a search listing I had posted for Samuel Ruggles Henderson at What a pleasure to have these two branches of the family discover each other after two generations. The following photos of Samuel and Martha Harris and their children were provided by Margaret with sincere gratitude.

Martha Harris Henderson
Martha Harris Henderson

Martha Harris Henderson with her two youngest children, Marto and Joseph Harris Henderson.

Samuel Ruggles Henderson
Joseph Harris and Marto Henderson
Samuel Ruggles Henderson on the left with his three children clockwise from the top: Joseph Harris (known as "Harris"), Samuel Ruggles, Jr. (known as "Ruggles"), and Marto Henderson. Judging from the ages of the children, this photo was taken a few years after the death of Samuel's wife (and the children's mother) Martha Harris Henderson.

Joseph Harris and Marto Henderson

Marto Henderson
Marto Henderson
Marto Henderson
Marto in Atlantic City
Marto Henderson
Samuel Ruggles Henderson with Daughter Marto
Samuel Ruggles Henderson with his daughter Marto and an unidentified man (could this be Thomas Martin Harris, Jr.) in Atlantic City.
Marto Henderson as a young woman.

The LDS record and Samuel's passport application both confirm the date of his birth on 29 May 1965. The LDS records gives us the names of his parents.



























Death Certificates for Martha Harris Henderson and her son Harris:



The West Laurel Cemetery listing for Harris Henderson in 1888 and his mother Martha in 1899.



The directory listing below finds Samuel and his son Samuel Jr. together in the same home they lived in when their mother died.


A listing of American Cut Glass Factories in 1905 shows S. R. Henderson in Philadelphia


Announcement of Marto Henderson's pending marriage to Mr. Charles H. Coxe (sic.) followed by an article about her wedding and a photo in the society pages a few months later.


An Excerpt from the Federal Census of 1920 for Samuel Ruggles Henderson, Jr. and his wife Elsie


Death Records for Marto Henderson Cox and her daughter Marto Cox Atkinson, both of whom died in Ohio.




Our present search is for the grandparents of Samuel Henderson, who would be the parents of Joseph Henderson and those of Catharine W. McDonald.

His middle name "Ruggles" would seem a clue to a surname from his parents' ancestry. A search for both the names "Ruggles" and "Henderson" yielded an interesting record in the early 19th century Philadelphia. Hannah Cathers as Hannah Henderson was married to both Sherman Ruggles and to John Cathers. She had a son with the name Joseph Henderson and a daughter with the surname Ruggles, which seems to indicate that "Henderson" and "Ruggles" were both names of her husbands (along with Cather). When Samuel's father Joseph Henderson was born in 1799, Hannah we assume was the widow of Sherman Ruggles and married John Cather in 1799. Joseph Henderson, her son, could not have been Samuel's father. Perhaps he was Joseph's father?


The records below are both for Samuel Ruggles Henderson. It is undetermined whether they are related to our Samuel Ruggles Henderson, but at the least they tell us that the name is not as unique as one would assume. Samuel's brother James Hill Henderson had a son whom he also named Samuel Ruggles, so the article below might refer to him, although we know that he actually married a woman named Hanetta Porch..

The first is the announcement of an engagement of a young woman named Helen Epler in Washingtoon DC to a Samuel Ruggles Henderson, Jr. of Philadelphia. Samuel Ruggles Jr. would have been Samuel and Martha's son, Samuel. A later article in the Philadelphia paper announced that Ms. Epler had married a man with a completely different name. The conclusion is that either the paper made a mistake in naming her fiance or that Miss Epler changed her mind. We do know that Samuel Ruggles Henderson Jr. was married to Elyse Mae Wicks by the 1920 census.

Is the above Samuel Ruggles Henderson, Jr. the same Samuel Ruggles Henderson Jr. (Samuel's cousin) who later married a woman named Hanetta and had two children, Barbara and Samuel Ruggles Henderson Jr.? According to his World War I draft card, he was born 18 Jul 1894 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The 1930 census finds THIS Samuel Ruggles Henderson and his wife Hanetta in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with their two children.


The Samuel Ruggles Henderson Jr. who was my grandfather's brother has an extended family living in the Michigan area. The name "Samuel Ruggles" has been given through six generations of sons there. The record below is the LDS record for Samuel Ruggles Henderson, Jr., which gives us his date of birth. The death record of Samuel Ruggles Henderson III, his son, follows:



Name of Item Description of Item   Name of Item Description of Item
1930 Census 1930 Federal Census for Charles and Marto Henderson Cox 1870 Census 1870 Federal Census for a Joseph and Catharine Henderson.
1910 Census 1910 Census for Anna Porter, Samuel and Marto Henderson 1920 Census 1920 Federal Census for Samuel and Anna Porter Henderson
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