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A Quiz about Our Marblehead Branch Ancestors

The header image identifies pieces of Marblehead history in which our ancestors had a part.

  1. Bridget Bishop and John Proctor were both hanged as witches in the Salem witchcraft era. Neither are tied to us by blood, but each was related by marriage to one of our ancestors. Who was the spouse of each?
  2. One of our direct ancestors had a brother who was well known for his tombstone engravings. Which one?
  3. A relative of a couple in our direct line sculpted this memorial for his wife's grave in Italy. Who was he and who was he related to in our line?
  4. We share lineage with both Barbara Stanwyck and Justice Joseph Story. Who were their ancestors who are also ours? (Hint: Justice Story has two sets).
  5. Old Burial Hill is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country. Can you find any of our ancestors buried there?
  6. Why have I included a photo of William Wadswoth Longfellow in the montage snippets about the Marblehead branch of our family tree?
  7. Marblehead being so close to Boston during the American Revolution had many young men who were Revolutionary War patriots. Which of our direct descendants was one? (Hint: We had a few). Which one had three brothers who also served?
  8. A model of this famous ship is located in a Marblehead museum. Who was the ship named for and who was she in our family tree?
  9. Who was the Marblehead "Robinson Crusoe" and what is his place in our family tree? He had two cousins who shared part of his "adventure." One of them was hanged as a pirate along with 25 others in Rhode Island. Who was he?
  10. One of our direct ancestors was killed in the Battle of Bloody Brook. Which one? A few of our ancestor's families were severely affected by the Indian war. Which ones?
  11. This is a photo of the oldest surving house in Marblehead. Which of our direct ancestors built it in 1663?

Looking for the answers? You'll know what they are when you read about them in the Tree's family groups.