1080 John Stacey Eleanor ?
1629 - 1672 1631 - 1713
985 Michael Cowes
bp. 4 Aug 1639
Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
d. Bef 30 Jun 1715
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Grace Stacey

b. About 1658
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
d. March 1735
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Relationship Events:
About 1677 Marriage Michael Cowes to Grace Stacey
  Michael Cowes bp. Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. about 1718
Rachel Short 7 Jul 1701 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA Seven Children: Michael, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel, Samuel, Giles, and Thomas Cowes
Grace Cowes bp. Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Thomas Powsland 27 Aug 1699 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA Three Children: Sarah, Mary, and Thomas Powsland
  Agnes Cowes bp. Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; before 1715.
Samuel Nicholson 25 Apr 1700 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Two Children: Elizabeth and Samuel Nicholson
Ancestor Leaf 825 Mary Cowes bp. 76 Sep 1684 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Thomas Peach 14 Dec 1704 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Twelve Children: Hannah (1), Thomas, Mary, William (1), John, Elizabeth, Hannah (2), Emma, William (2), Hannah (3), Joseph, and Sarah Peach
  Elizabeth (1) Cowes bp. 19 Sep 1686 Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; died in infance

Died In Infancy

  Elizabeth (2) Cowes bp. 17 Jun 1688Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

William Nicholson 21 Dec 1713 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Three Children: Elizabeth (1), Samuel, Elizabeth (2) Nicholson
  Samuel Cowes bp. 22 March 1690 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Elizabeth Hawkins 1 Jan 1717 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Seven Children: Elizabeth, Samuel (1), Samuel (2), Michael, Thomas (1), Mary, and Thomas (2) Cowes
  Sarah Cowes bp. 24 Apr 1692 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Benjamin Salter 29 Jan 1711 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Four Children: Benjamin, John, Sarah, and Thomas Salter
  William Cowes bp. 24 Aug 1692Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; d. before 1718.


  Eleanor Cowes bp. 23 Feb 1695 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Thomas Maine 16 Jul 1714

Eight Children: Thomas, Eleanor, Mary, Benjamin, John, Michael, Sarah (1), Sarah (2)
What We Know


The American Genealogist in its "Northern New England Families" page 67 wrote a long article on the Cowes family. Most of the information written here is from this article.

First, a little history of the Cowes family in England:

The Thomas and Elizabeth Cowes Family

Thomas Cowes was born about 1535. He was a fisherman, and described himself as such when he made his will on 27 Jul 1587, leaving legacies to the church, to his sons John, Bennett, Robert, Gregory, and William, and to his wife and executrix, Elizabeth. The will was proved 25 Oct 1587. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 57 Spenser). His widow was buried at West Town (West Teignmouth) 13 Nov 1613.

Their son Thomas was baptized 16 Jul 1559 and was probably that sailor who was buried in Ireland while on voyage on 27 Jul 1587. He had two daughters Marie and Elizabeth, who were each left a sheep in their grandmother's will.

Their son William was baptized 8 Sep 1561 and married on 22 Jan 1589, Avis Tapley. They had eight children:

  • Marie, bp 15 Nov 1590 who probably died in infancy;
  • Twins John and Robert, baptized 24 Nov 1592 and buried 16 Dec 1594;
  • Michael, bp 3 Oct 1594, who was left a clock in his grandmother's will;
  • Robert, bp 1 Nov 1595;
  • Twins Mary and Thomasine, who were both baptized and buried 10 Jan 1597; and
  • Susan, bp 31 Aug 1606, who was left a sheep by her grandmother.

Their son Gregory was baptized 9 Jul 1564 and married Elizabeth ?. They had six children:

  • Avis, who was left her grandmother's great chest; she married Edward Ford on 30 Oct 1620;
  • Annis, buried 27 Jan 1594
  • Johan, baptized 17 Oct 1596, received her grandmother's best petticoat in her will;
  • Thomas, bp. 2 Sep 1599;
  • Sidwell, bp 14 Aug 1603, who received one sheep from her grandmother. She married 1) Allen Leyman on 4 Feb 1625 and 2) Hercules Bassett.
  • John, bp. 13 Jul 1606, who received his grandmother's great platter dish. He married 25 Nov 1635 Agnes Baker and then died and was buried on 14 Feb 1643.

Their son Robert was bp 17 Nov 1568 and married 8 Feb 1596 Sidwell Zenie. They had no known children.

Their son Bennett married on 5 Dec 1597 Johan Cowes. Their children were:

Johan bp. 17 Aug 1598

  • John, buried 18 Apr 1601
  • Edward, bp 18 Sep 1603 who received a "crocke" from his grandmother
  • Dorothy bp 29 May 1606 and buried 22 Dec 1607;
  • Michael bp. 6 Aug 1609 who also received a "crocke". He and his brother Edward were named as godchildren in their grandmother's will.

Their youngest son John was baptized on 30 Nov 1570 and received in his mother's will a "Butt of Bees."


Third Generation Michaels

Thomas and Elizabeth had two grandsons named Michael, the son of their son William bp. in 1594 and the son of their son Bennett bp. in 1609. Both of these boys lived long enough to marry and have children. William's son Michael married first Mary Lee on 26 Nov 1618, and they had Jane, bp 28 Sep 1619. He then married on 27 Jan 1624 Joan Peter, and they had Peter, Avis, Susan, and Silvester between 1627 and 1632. Bennett's son Michael married Grace Andrew on 22 Jan 1631. We know the child Grace to be theirs because she shares her mother's name.

That leaves seven children born after 1633 when both Michaels were married. It is impossible to tell whether they are the children of William's son Michael and his second wife Joan or Bennett's son Michael and his wife Grace. These children were:

  • Christian, bp 4 Aug 1633
  • Edward bp. 3 Oct 1683, buried 24 Nov 1636
  • Richard, bp 25 Oct 1635, buried 11 Feb 1643
  • John, bp 29 Nov 1635
  • Michael bp 4 Aug 1639
  • Robert bp 2 Jul 1642
  • Elizabeth bp 14 Oct 1649

This fourth generation Michael is our direct descendant, and his grandparents Thomas and Elizabeth are also our direct descendants. One of Thomas and Elizabeth's sons William or Bennett is also our direct descendant (but we don't know which one).

Michael Cowes who was bp 4 Aug 1639 at Stockeinteinghead, was a fisherman in Marblehead, Massachusetts, in 1677, when he made a deposition in which his age was stated to have been "about forty." Michael married in 1677 Grace Stacey, who died March 1735 at age 77. He was constable of the town in 1679. His fishing business was carried on in partnership with his father-in-law, John Stacey, and the records of their leases of flake-yards from the town appear in the books from 1685 to 1700. His home was on the east side of Broad Street (now Washington Street). Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Grace Cowes 30 Jun 1715.

What we can learn from our two primary sources (The American Genealogist article on the Cowes and the exerpt about the Michael Cowes House from Marblehead in the 1700s) is of some interest.

Michael and Grace's eldest son Michael was married by the Reverend Cotton Mather in Boston in 1701 to Rachel Short. He unfortunately died soon after his father died. "His widow kept a shop in Marblehead and it would seem very profitably. She died in April 1736 and her will, dated March 3, 1735, left her 'camblet Riding Hood and striped holland Gown' to her daughter Mary Killy (Kelly), her 'black silk Suit and silk Camblet Cloak' to her daughter Elizabeth King, her 'chintz Gown lined with Green Lutestring and green Stuff Robe, sable Muff and Ear Rings to her daughter Rachel Watts, gold rings to her sons Samuel and Thomas, a silver knife and fork to her son Giles and named her sons Samuel Cowes and Daniel King executors. her dwelling house, shops and land were valued at 200 pounds.(Essex Massa. Probate 320:302)

Daughter Grace's husband Thomas Pousland died before her father's will was probated





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