Sophie Balz
d. ?
Weinheim, Alzey-Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
435 Henry Werdann
b. ?
Weinheim, Alzey-Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Relationship Events:
  Henry Werdann b. about 1826 in Weinheim, Germany; d. before 1918 in Manhattan, New York, USA
Catherine ? Seven Children: Henry, Charles, Elizabeth, Louis, Theodore. George, Frederick Werdann
Ancestor Leaf 307 Katherine Werdann b. Mar 1828 in Weinheim, Germany; d. 30 May 1909 in Atlantic City, Atlantic, New Jersey, USA
Louis Kuehnle Sr. Three Children: George W., Louis "The Commodore", and Henry Kuehnle
  John Werdann b. About 1831 in Weinheim, Germany; d. After 1906 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey, USA

1. Hildegart

2. Elizabeth

John and Hildegart - Seven Children: John, Henry, Edward, Rudolph, Otto, Charles, and Cornelia Werdann

John and Elizabeth - Two Children: Amelia and Gustave Ernest Werdann

  Jacob Werdann b. About 1835 in Weinheim, German; d. ? in the USA

1. Caroline Schelecht

2. Elizabeth Rickerich

Jacob and Caroline - Eight Children: George, Charles, Jacob, Frank, Caroline Rosine, Albert, Henry, and Philip Werdann.
What We Know


Henry and Sophie Werdann may have had more children. Four of them were immigrants to New York City. Katharine met and married our direct ancestor Louis Kuehnle, and a short time after their marriage, they moved to Egg Harbor City, Atlantic County, New Jersey where Louis built two hotels.

The information we have about the family other than Katherine comes courtesy of one descendant from each of the Katherine's brothers, Henry and Jacob.

Henry was married to a German woman, Catherine.  He and his brothers seem to have set themselves up as fruit vendors on the city streets and Henry somehow was able to purchase an apartment building on East 37th Street in Manhattan where they lived until they died.  Catherine lived on until 1918, but Henry died a good bit earlier.  She remarried, to an Irishman!

Henry and Catherine had 7 surviving children:  Henry (born 1852), Theodore F (born 1869 , George (born 1876) and Frederick (born 1879).  The sons Henry and Theodore married, had big families and maintained apartments in the building with their parents until their mother died.  At that time they sold the building which was part of an area then razed to make way for construction of the telephone company headquarters. Louis was single and died there when he was only 27.  Charles and Frederick married and raised their families in New Jersey.  George raised his in Brooklyn.  Elizabeth probably married and the rest of her life is lost to us for now.

John took a German bride, Hildegart.  As far as we know, they had seven children: John (born 1855), Henry (born 1857), Edward (born 1859), Rudolph (born 1861), Otto (born 1866), Charles (born 1868) and Cornelia (born 1869). The last two possibly died as infants or young children. Hidegart herself died about that time, perhaps as a result of childbirth.  John then married a second time, Elizabeth.  They had two children: Amelia (Emily) (born c 1874) and Gustav Ernest (born 1878).  Amelia and her brother Gustav remained single and stayed together with their widowed mother. They eventually moved to New Jersey where "Emily" married a British-born man.  Rudolph also seemed to have remained single and died in 1930.  Henry and John seem to have had families. Henry and John may have died young.

Jacob married Caroline Schlecht.  They had eight children: George (1959), Charles (born 1859), Jacob (born 1861), Frank (born 1963), Caroline (born 1865), Albert (1867), Henry (1869) and Philip (born 1870). Caroline died subsequent to the last chldbirth.  Jacob went on to marry Elizabeth Rickerich, but whether they had children is not known. George married and died at the age of about 32. Charles, Jacob and Frank more or less disappear from records.    Albert was married, widowed and remarried in the Stamford, Ct. area.  He might have had a daughter Ida.  It's possible that his first wife was the widow of his oldest brother George, a woman (or possibly two separate women) named "Clara". ,Henry and Philip also disappear from records.

Jacob's only daughter Caroline went to Egg Harbor City to live with her Aunt Katherine Kuenhle when she was 15. She can be found on the Census there. She met and married a man there by the name of Henry Huth, and they had two daughters, Gertrude (middle name Kuehnle) and Edna.  Caroline died from an infection that seems to have arisen as a result of childbirth.  That was in 1894 - she was only 29. 






Katherine's husband Louis Kuehnle, Sr. built a hotel in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, and then one in nearby Atlantic City. Katherine and Louis had three sons, two born while they were in New York City, where Louis was a top-grade chef, and their last one, Henry, after they moved to Egg Harbor City. Their oldest son George married a woman named Bertha, and the young couple lived with his parents for a short time after their marriage. (It's thought that a tombstone marked simply "Baby" buried in the Kuehnle family plot may be theirs). George was an engineer, and moved to parts of New York State. He and Bertha had up to six children, although we know the names of only two.Louis served as mayor of Egg Harbor City for a few terms. He turned over the management of the hotel in Altantic City to his son Louis. Louis achieved some degree of fame as Commodore Louis Kuehnle. He never married nor had children (his life as betrayed in the movie Boardwalk Empire was embroidered considerably with fiction).

Henry remained in Egg Harbor City, and married Emma Schemm of Philadelphia. After his father died in 1885, Henry and Emma converted the Egg Harbor hotel into a residence, where they raised their six children.

After her husband's death, Katherine moved to Atlantic City and lived with their son Louis until her own death. Louis had achieved enough fame by the time of his mother's death in 1909 that both her illness and death were published in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lous, Sr. and Katherine along with their sons Louis Jr. and Henry and several of their grandchildren were buried in Egg Harbor City. Below are photographs of Louis' and Katherine's tombstones.

Louis Kuehnle Sr. Tombstone

Katherine Werdann Kuehnle Tombstone

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