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302 Gottfried Christian Dillner
b. 4 April 1834
Schonfeld bei Greiz, Germany
d.14 Sep 1899
Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Amalie Louise Enstenstein
b. 16 Jan 1832
Zenherrah Thur, Germany
d. 19 Jul 1870
Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Relationship Events:
Ancestor Leaf 201 Marie Louise Dillner b. 8 Aug 1859 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany; d. 15 Jun 1918 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany
Franz Robert Wiegand, b.10 Oct 1858 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany; d. 8 Apr 1931 in Greiz, Thuringen, Germany Four Children: Gerhard Paul, Liesel, Marta, and Gertrud Wiegand
What We Know


Gottlieb Christian Dillner and his wife Amalie Louise Entenstine were both Evangelical Lutherans.

Gottlieb was a Weaving Master and a Burger of Greiz.



Citation: Personal records of Gerhard Paul Wiegand, 1959.

Gerhard wrote:

By old birth and churchbook records, it was possible to trace our family back to 1744. Positive records beyond this year could not be found, as such most likely had been or were lost by fires or wars.

The records "Ahmenblaft zur Sippschafts tafel" were notarized 18 Dec 1934.

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