2000 - 2009

Mom was forced to leave us in February of 2000, but stays with us all very lovingly in spirit. This decade sees the new generations of family and friends as they marry and grow (so fast).

Sky (1999 - 2011). He and I did puppy training and dog obedience together, and with his trainer's recommendation, we waited until he was a year old before we adopted a playmate for him. Tess, a mixed breed female three months younger than Sky came to live with us when he was a year old.

October 2007. My cousin Pat Eckhardt photographed as she leads a group on a California native plant tour in a botanic garden in the hills above Berkeley! Good going, Pat!

2006 Siblings Jonah and Amy Arter

Jonah and his new wife Christie!
Mary, Anna, and Brandley Simms on vacation with their parents Mike and Julia.
I love the Redlands sweatshirt - compliments of his paternal grandparents no doubt! Brandley Simms, youngest progeny of the Frampton women.
TSC at night (Beginning May 2006)

The TSC Lobby

Jonah Arter and Willow, Halloween 2007
Daniel Dresselhaus and his new bride Meghan (their engagement photo - 2007).
Daniel and Meghan with their newborn Carver, March 2008
Grandpa Bill Dresselhaus with Carver
Matthew Dresselhaus and his new bride Tracy, March 29, 2008
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