1990 - 1999

This decade saw Joyce's marriage to Tim and the birth of their two children. For me, it was continuation of my job at Network, a new home, some nice vacations to domestic destinations, and a closing of the decade with relocation to Raleigh.

Mom on a visit to Egg Harbor with her three siblings. Clockwise from top right are Duke, Mom, Harris and Catherine.

Darcy and Devon playing with kitten energy being supervised by a sedate Rane and a more anxious Shawn.

The Tonkinese siblings Devon (floor) and Darcy joined my household in 1990 shortly after my move to Rancho Bernardo. Megan had been with me for about five years at this point, and I had found Rane in the Network parking lot in 1989. With Casey and Shawn, this made six.

In 1990, we successfully put together a family reunion for Mom's side of the family (the Hendersons) at Williamsburg, VA. All but Uncle Harris and Mike Wiegand were able to attend. Shown here are most of the third generation, left to right Zachary Wiegand, Gregory Neri (Carol Henderson and Anthony Neri's son), Rebecca, Katie, and Emily Wiegand (Steve and Beth's daughters) with Paul's daughter Sarah in Katie's lap, and Stephanie Mustric. Missing are James Eckhardt's children Marc and Amy and Mike Wiegand.
Many of the family on the final day of the reunion. Tim, Joyce's fiance was taking the photo. Fred, Lee, Joyce and Jean Wiegand are on the left with Steve Mustric behind Jean. Aunt Margaret Henderson stands behind her granddaughter Stephanie and beside Barbara. Pat Eckhardt is in front of Aunt Duke Henderson, and James Eckhardt with his wife Georgia stands beside Aunt Kate and Uncle Augie Eckhardt with his son Marc kneeling in front of his mother. Missing are the Neris, the Paul Wiegands, the Steve Wiegands (who had all left earlier) and Amy Eckhardt.
The primary Fred Wiegand family reunited in the backyard on Grant Avenue. Left to right Paul, Mom, Dad, me, Steve, and Joyce.
Joyce with Tim in front of the Christmas Village (which had been moved to tabletop).
Casey in 1993.

Darcy and Devon in 1993.

Devon showing off her freckles (the result of her breeding of a Champagne Tonkinese to a buff-colored Burmese. The breeders didn't know he was the father until they saw her coloring).
Darcy and Devon snuggled together (they did this daily for 17 years until he died in the summer of 2007).
Kitten Haley in 1993 (adopted with Orion).
Megan, my Abysinnian, in 1993.
Rane with Orion in 1993. Rane never met a cat (or a person) he didn't like.

Sarah with Haley. Paul and his family visited me in San Diego for a few days after a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Zachary and Sarah loved the cats, Haley in particular. We all also remember touring the Wild Animal Park in Escondido when it was 104 degrees.

This photo was taken of the front of my condo during my rose phase. (I love that Rane was a"surprise" subject as he watched me from the window). Rane had such a wonderful personality and was an important part of my life until he died in the summer of 2007 (just weeks before his buddy Darcy).
Mom, Dad, and I did a wonderful two-week tour of the Utah and Arizona National Parks in 1994. Mom had been fighting lymphoma for five years and had continual pain from two collapsed vertebra from osteoporosis, but she enjoyed the spectacular beauty of these parks in a very spiritual way. It was a wonderful trip for all three of us. Our first stop was at Zion. Mom and Dad are shown here with our rental van.
Bryce Canyon has to be seen to be believed. It was our second stop.

Somewhere in Utah!

This photo was taken from the roadside at Arches National Park. It was a beautiful October day. We had spent time watching tourists feed the numerous Western bluebirds in the interior of the park. On our way out that afternoon, there was a sudden downpour that lasted only briefly. When it was over, water starting pouring off the rock formations in "falls." It was a spectacular sight not done enough justice in the photo, but worthy of inclusion for the memory.
Joyce and Tim's oldest Davis. A beautiful and very sweet tow headed child (at this point). He and I both laugh when I remind him that when I came home for Christmas after he had just turned one, his greeting for me was a kick in the shins.
I consider this one of the peak experiences of my lifetime, a three-day visit (plus two days driving on either side) to the San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja Mexico for a friendly encounter with a baby gray whale and it's mother. During my stay there, I had two hour-long encounters like this with the whales.
December 1995. Mom and Dad on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Most of the existing grandchildren on the back porch. Left to right are Mike, Mom, Sarah, Dad holding Davis, Katie, Rebecca, and Emily. Gosh, everyone is looking so grown-up.

Paul's family at their home in Durham. Left to right, Mike, Gin, Sarah, Paul, and Zack.

January 1998. With the addition of the bird pond, my yard became a National Wildlife Organization Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. (I only had a 5' strip of backyard, so the whole yard was the habitat). I enjoyed many sightings of goldfinches and hummingbirds in this area of the yard for the next couple of years. (It was built with the aid of my gardener and friend Miguel Ponce, brother of very good friend Alfredo.)

August 1999 and I left San Diego in a Dodge Caravan with 7 cats in the rear and a 7-week-old puppy in the front seat. We arrived in Raleigh in early September. Shown at right is Sky (Mon Ami Tre's Red Sky) with Dad. (Sky's Relatives)

Sky with Rane in our new backyard.

Julia Frampton Simms and husband Mike (from their website -- thanks guys!

August 1999 - Farewell San Diego. How I loved ye!
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