1980 - 1989
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The '80s were marked by firsts -- a settled, satisfying employment, the arrival of nieces and nephews, home ownership, and travels (mostly foreign in this decade).

Paul's wife Giannina is shown in this photo.

Barbara Henderson (pregnant with Stephanie), Pat Eckhardt, and I had all arrived in Tucson for a visit with Aunt Kay and Uncle Augie. A lovely reunion. The three cousins hadn't been together at one time since childhood, and we enjoyed the wonderful prospects of Barb's new child.

Kitten Casey with Tessa.
Steve with first-born Katie.
Katie "holding" Casey, who had come along on a visit with me that Christmas to Raleigh.
Christmas of 1980. Shawn had joined my family a few months earlier and having lost Lissa in a kennel the previous Christmas, I brought Casey and Shawn to Raleigh. Here they're watching a snowfall out the window in Mom and Dad's family room.

Katie is joined by sister Emily. This photo was taken in early 1982.

May, 1982. Mom at the Barbara Hepworth Museum in St. Ives, Cornwall (England). I had a wonderful 10-day trip to England and Mom joined me for the final week. On Memorial Day weekend, we took a train to St. Ives.

Mom with Katie and Emily. She loved baby feet!
Joyce in conversation with her niece Katie.

Paul and Gin after their wedding ceremony.
Mom and Dad (best man) at the wedding.
Steve with his second-born Emily.
Enjoying a happy moment together (clockwise Dad, Mom, me, Gin, Joyce, and Mike). I wonder if this was the year I brought home Frangelico?
Mom enjoying her new grandson Zachary (with mom Gin beside them).
I've always loved this photo of Mom and Joyce together with the silk flowers that matched the painting in Mom and Dad's living room.

Mom and Dad at a fountain at one of the picturesque German towns we visited on our 1984 tour of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers.

A very convenient spot for a photo! On a stop in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany.

Some of the wonderful architecture to be found in Germany.

And more wonderful architecture. Mom and Dad are (not posing) in the bottom left of the photo).

Not such a great photo, but one that captures part of a happy memory. In Cochem we bought a loaf of bread at one of the fabulous bakeries (I had no idea until I visited Germany what wonderful bakeries they had). Probably to the chagrin of the locals, we fed the "birds", attracting much noise and attention from the swans, many of whom had adolescent goslings at the time. It was in Cochem that we learned after 10 days of driving in Germany that "Einbahn Strase" was not a street named for a man named Einbahn, but a one-way street.
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