1980 - 1989
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Mom and Dad with Steve's girls Katie and Emily, who have now been joined by their sister Rebecca.
My good friend Vivian Cosnett during a stop on our 1986 trip to Hawaii. We toured for two to three days each on the Big Island (Hawaii), Maui and Kauai.
The Spouting Horn on Kauai.
Paul with his daughter Sarah. I still remember how happy he sounded when he called to tell me of her arrival (and how surprised I was that she was a girl!)
Paul's and Steve's kids complete and together. Counterclockwise left to right, Mike, Rebecca, Katie, Zachary, Sarah, and Emily.
My all-time favorite photo of Zachary (helping with the gardening).
Paul's kids Zack, Mike, and Sarah.
Zack talking about the Village under the tree. I remember he had a wonderful imagination as a youngster.
Joyce has met her future husband Tim shown here with their dogs Houston (left) and Max.
SO very Dad. I smile every time I see this photo. (Notice the straight line of the filled glasses). Dad is asking us what's so funny.
The clan (so far) in Mom and Dad's backyard. Zack and Sarah are in front with Dad, Mike behind them next to his mom Gin, then Paul, Mom, Joyce behind Katie, me, Beth holding Rebecca behind Steve, and Emily between her Dad and me. Tim was taking the picture.
The grandchilden only on the same day. Counterclockwise Katie, Sarah being held by brother Mike, Emily, Zack, and Rebecca.
Me on our 1989 trip to Norway.

Mom and Dad with the same reindeer friend in Norway.

Mom and Dad posing in front of the boat (ship) which took us on our beautiful cruise of the Fjords.
I was taking photos of the condo on Ashford Street, which I had just finished wallpapering, and caught Shawn doing what cats do. This is the only photo I have of Shawn's face. She and I had a very special relationship for 12 years starting on the day I adopted her from the San Diego pound.
Steve's girls Katie, Rebecca and Emily.
Steve's and Paul's kids during a visit from cousin Barbara Henderson Mustric, her husband Steve, and Stephanie. Counterclockwise Rebecca, Stephanie, Emily, Katie, Mike, Zachary, and Sarah.