1970 - 1979

The 70's were a challenge for me. A decade of career changes -- teacher 4th grade, secretarial school, registrar at WSU, almost a year at Tuesday Productions, three years at ACS, court reporting school, several apartments in San Diego,a year in Raleigh and a job at NCSU, memorable relationships with three nice men, and I arrived on the other end having survived with wonderful support from family and friends.

I'm taking a guess at when this photo was taken, but it's a nice one of Grandma and her surviving siblings left to right Kate, Charlie, and Emma (Brothers Henry and Louis died before I knew them).

The Brandleys moved from Corpus to San Diego in 1966 and after Buck retired, they moved to their home in Coronado. I adopted them as my San Diego family and spent wonderful times through the next decades with them. Jimmy (aka "Jim" or "Mick") is shown here opening a bottle of wine for his mother's birthday celebration.

This photo is so PERFECTLY Judy!

(Julia Brandley Frampton Gale)

Sue Brandley caught unawares opening a birthday card with her flowers earlier in the day.

Jimmy and Buck Brandley toasting Sue.

Cousin Carol Henderson at her wedding to Anthony. I was there in spirit.

Summer of 1971 after finishing a year teaching fourth grade at Central Elementary. I'm in the backyard of a Poinsettia Avenue rental house with my active and very smart Shetland Sheepdog Missi Titania. Sneakers was our roommate for a few months.

Living the summer in Raleigh with Missi in 1972. Steve has met Beth, and the two are "conversing" with Duchess on the deck while we enjoy drinks with Mom and Dad (taking the photo).

Grandpop joined the Wiegand household the year after Grandmom died and is with us for a photo at Christmas. Joyce has become a teenager.

Mom and Dad on the front porch of Compton Road with Duchess enjoying a beautiful fall day.

Steve and Beth during their wedding festivities!

A lovely bride. I really liked the dress she chose for this occasion.

1976. Mary Brandley and Steve Arter had just returned from Virginia with their son Jonah!

The Chi Hall foursome is reunited for Kris's wedding to Bill Dresselhaus. Left to right Cheri, Margo, and the bride behind me to the right.

Joyce brushing Kristy, "the bathroom dog," a very sedate Shetland Sheepdog (Duke stayed behind with a country family in California).

Mom enjoying Christmas. Notice Dad's artistic presentation of the Christmas village under the tree.

1979 and college pal and friend Robert Skomer invited me to work at Network Music where I stayed for a very satisfying 20-year duration. This photo was taken at Morena Boulevard where Tom Di Noto had built Tuesday Productions and where Network was first located.

1979. Siblings Tessa and Lissa have joined me in my studio apartment.

I wish I had a recollection of when this photo was taken , but I had a wonderful Thanksgiving visit in Tuscon with Augie and Kay, and we drove up Mount Lemon. Here I am with Kay enjoying the view of the valleys while we sit surrounded by snow and snowshine. (Photo taken by Augie).