1960 - 1969

I have so many memories of these years. We moved to Corpus Christi, Texas where I started high school. We had a brief duty station at the Chelsea Naval Hospital in Boston before Dad retired and we moved to Corona, California. I finished both high school and college, and through the decade I met many memorable and lasting friends. I wish I had photos of them all.

On the front porch of our quarters in Corpus Christi during a visit from Mom and Pop Wiegand.
Joyce "playing with" my cat Judy. I don't know how she could stand sitting on that grass -- we all remember the Texas grass as being loaded with "sticker burrs."
Judy "observing" the fish in my aquarium.
Taken looking into the street from our front porch. Seeing the palm tree brings back very fond memories of our first duty station away from the East Coast. Notice the boys wearing thongs (in those days, thongs were a type of foot apparel) -- a uniform during play times while in Texas.

I like this photo of Mom and Dad with Joyce. These were the Kennedy years! I remember the "Camelot" coverage plus the Cuban Missile Crisis (at school they gave us cardboard name tags to wear around our necks in case the base was attacked and of course we still practiced lots of "under the desk" drills.)

Mom and Pop Wiegand have returned for another visit and find us another year older in approximately 1961. This may have been before Mom and Dad took their first trip without the kiddies (to Acapulco).
The summer of 1962 in front of 27 Liverpool Avenue in Egg Harbor with Grandmother Henderson.

Posing for Christmas Cards in 1962.

Joyce is growing older and still loves playing with Judy. Judy does not look so sure.

Easter 1963. Mom, Dad, and I were all singing in the church choir at this time. We would have come back from the Sunrise Service when this photo was taken. I remember feeling so grown up in high heels.

The summer of 1963 in Egg Harbor for a visit before joining Dad in Chelsea. I was 16 and missing my friends left behind in Corpus Christi.

Winter in Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1964 with my good friend Ingrid. We were bused during that year from Chelsea to Brookline, and Ingrid had so many fun tales to tell of her times in Italy. Massachusetts proved very different for us after three years in Southeast Texas -- lots of snow that winter, and the day it reached 60 degrees for the first time in months, I understood what spring fever felt like!

Dad retired from the Navy in June of 1964, and we arrived in Corona, California. Here I am on the day I graduated from High School.
During the summer of 1965, I worked at CRC in the records office before starting for college. This photo was taken during a visit home from California Western University during my freshman year. I don't have photos of friends from that time, but my roommate Margo Stuhmerr and I became something of a foursome with fellow Chi Hall residents Kris Bakewell and Cheri Stemler).

1967. The only time we ever posed for a professional family portrait. Steve and Paul are both looking handsome and grown up.

1967 in Dad and Mom's new home in Ukiah. That first summer they (with me along for a thrill) toured the Santa Rosa area pet hunting. We adopted Duke (left) and (Duchess). This photo was probably taken at Christmas time when I was home for a visit and the "puppies" were nearly full grown.

Dad posing with a fish in Ukiah.
The summer of 1968.
I wasn't along for this trip, but I love the photo of Joyce enjoying some "getting acquainted" time on her own with Grandmother and Granddad Henderson, Aunt Duke, and Aunt Kate.
A nice photo of Grandmother and Granddad. I'm not sure why Granddad is in pj's. I wonder if this might have been after his first heart attack. I'm not sure exactly what date this was taken, but I place it somewhere around this time.

Ukiah 1969 and a visit from Mom and Pop Wiegand. This was probably the last time we saw Grandmom before she was killed in a traffic accident in 1970.

June 1969 and Dean Cannon is handing me my diploma from Cal Western. I can see my friend Kris standing in the group of graduates in the front row behind me (bright red hair). I have so many great memories of life at Cal Western.
Steve with me at graduation. He had just finished his freshman year at Cal Western. Mom and Dad had moved to Raleigh a few months earlier, and he had plans to transfer to UNC Chapel Hill. It was great fun having him in the same school for one year although our paths seldom passed.
My very good friend Kris at graduation! In the 80's, we coincidentally ended up living within a couple of miles of each other. After graduation, I went to Raleigh for a couple of weeks to visit the family before returning for the PET program at Cal Western (USIU) to obtain a teaching credential.