During the "Wonder" years, the primary family was completed.

Brother Steve born at Cherry Point, NC. This family-favorite photo of him was taken when he was a few months old.
They're not shown, but I have no doubt I'm watching (or chasing) pigeons at the Atlantic City boardwalk (one of my favorite pastimes there).

With Mike guarding the bassinet. He looks like he was a gentle, loyal family friend.

Steve laughing while out for a stroll.

Hanging stockings in Egg Harbor. I have vivid memories of the "pulls" on that piece of furniture. We spent a lot of enjoyable family times in that dining room through the years.

Aunt Duke with Aunt Margaret and daughters Barbara (left and Carol) with one of their Jolly's.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

"Uncle" Harry Moore. He's either directing the bevy of children outside or he's barbecuing some of his famous Texas steaks. Harry and his family were with us for both duty stations in Cherry Point, and I have very fine memories of the weekends crabbing, water skiing, or generally enjoying their company during our second stay.

A gathering of Cherry Point friends. From left to right on the sofas are Inga Pineo, Mom, Dad, Theda, and Harry Moore. On the floor behind Steve (foregound) are Rich Moore, Kerry Moore, me, and Doug Pineo.

At the same party, Rich Moore, Doug Pineo, Lee and Steve (looking sleepy or disgruntled). Kerry Moore is chewing his shoe in the background.

1952. Cousins Barbara and Carol in between me and Steve on the grandparents' sofa.

1953. Dad and Mom with me and Steve at home in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Dad was stationed at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital.


In Clifton, New Jersey on the front steps of Dad's childhood home with our cousins Ann and Linda Thomas.

Outside our house in Drexel Hill with Grandmother Henderson flanked by all her then existing grandchildren -- Carol Henderson and James Eckhardt in front, me and Steve with Grandmother, Pat Eckhardt to the right of Grandmother and Barbara Henderson.

A great photo of the Dad's clan in Clifton. Mom and Dad with me and Steve on the left end, Ann and Linda in front, Dad's parents Gerhard and Margaret in the center, and Dad's sister Ilse with her husband John on the right. And I was fortunate once again with a cousin born within a year of me on Dad's side (Linda).

A wonderful photo of Dad. I'm putting it here in the middle of the '50s although I'm not sure what date it was taken.

Brother Paul joined the family. He was given the middle names of both his grandfathers (Paul after Gerhard Paul Wiegand and Harris after Joseph Harris Henderson). This photo was the clan gathered for his christening.

Easter 1955 at the Cherry Point Naval Air Station's Officer Club Easter Egg Hunt.

On our screened porch in the apartment where we lived in Cherry Point later in 1955. Paul was his smiling self this day, something of a relief to Mom and Dad who had many months worrying about his numerous ear infections. What a happy little boy he was when his ears weren't hurting!
The Cherry Point back porch a year later. Steve was an independent chap at this point and played a lot with our neighbor and good friend Mike Zielinski. I remember the gray bus picking up the kids and taking us to Sunday School and on Saturdays to the base theater for the afternoon matinee -- only children allowed. Great fun for us! I took Paul with me often.

A visit to Clifton. Cousins Linda and Ann Thomas have been joined by their sister Laura.
1958 in Portsmouth, Virginia. We all had a wide selection of friends on this block. For me, it was Cindy Beuerman and Pam Bonnett (and later Linda Ryan). The boys had friends their own age with our good friends the Olins and the Adams.

What a thrill for me being 12 and having a new sibling. Joyce was born in Portsmouth.
What a great photo of my cousin Pat feeding Joyce. The Eckhardts came to visit shortly after her birth (Joyce's middle name was for her Aunt Catherine).