I call these the Princess years because, although I don't consciously remember the first three years of my life when I was a most welcomed oldest child, I intuitively know that I received a foundation of unconditional love that allowed me to welcome the others who completed our family with joy and loyal family bonds.

Mom pregnant with me in the winter of 1947. I love this photo taken by Dad. It captures a very special moment in their lives and does it very artistically.

This photo confirms that my hair was long enough to put in a top-knot on the day I was born at Hahnemann Hospital. We lived in Philadelphia at the time.

Dad with me on one of his moments home. He worked long hours many evenings a week during those days as an intern.

Some of our extended family, Mom's sister Catherine with her husband Augie and their two children James and Patricia. Pat was born 4 months before I was.

My maternal grandmother, Florence Henderson.
Mom and I on the beach at the river close to our home at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station.
With the infamous baby carriage! I was told my stubborn nature was revealed when I pushed that thing over several obstacles until it wouldn't refuse to go any longer.
Mike, our Irish Setter, with puppy Molly in front of the playpen with Molly's human friend Kerry.

The family expands to four with brother Steven. Mike is in the foreground. Apparently, I wandered into the nearby woods about this time. The search party found Mike "standing guard" at my side very peacefully.