Pre-Conceived (Before 1947)

Mom and Dad before I was born!

Mom (the youngest) with her mother Florence and three siblings left to right Harris, Duke (Florence), and Catherine. I'm guessing this was about 1928.

Dad with his sister Ilse at the camp they attended and where Ilse met his camp counselor, who was her future husband.

School photo taken of Dad when he attended Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey (close to the New Jersey/Delaware border and about 60 miles from New York City).

Dad at Yale University studying hard and looking very dapper and debonair.

Mom's official U.S. Marine Corps photo. She enlisted at the start of World War II and was in the first class of women Marines.

Dad's graduation from Blair.

Dad in his Navy uniform with his parents. He was commissioned into the U.S. Navy during this time to allow him to finish his schooling in exchange for years of service when he was done. He and Mom met while he was finishing Med School and she was stationed at the Pentagon while still in the Marine Corps. He jokes that when they met, she outranked him.

This was always one of my favorite photos of my parents when I was growing up. They were on their honeymoon in New York City just before Christmas of 1945.