A Celebrity in Our Family Tree

Joseph Harris Henderson, my maternal grandfather, and Ruby Catherine Stevens are sixth cousins who share ancestors: Thomas Oliver and his wife Mary Leman, their son David Oliver and his wife Grace Parker, and their son David Oliver, Jr. and his wife Sarah Pedrick Brentnall. The chart below follows the generations to show the relationship. The top line shows our first mutual ancestors in America, and each subsequent line shows the child who became the direct ancestor of either our branch or the Stevens branch.

Thomas Oliver married Mary Leman in England and they had
David Oliver in Salem, Massachusetts, and he married Grace Parker of Parker's Island (Georgetown), Maine, and they had
David Oliver Jr. in Marblehead, Massachusetts who married Sarah Pedrick Brentnall, also of Marblehead, Massachusetts
David and Sarah had several children, two sons of whom were the heads of our related branches:
Henderson Branch
Stevens Branch
John Oliver married Jane Waters in Marblehead, MA and they had:
David Oliver married Hannah Stacey in Lynn, MA and they had:
Thomas Oliver who married Elizabeth Grant in Marblehead and they had:
John Oliver who married Mary Shortwell and they had:
Mary Oliver who married Arnold Martin in Marblehead and they had:
Mary Oliver in Georgetown, and she married Thomas Stephens in Georgetown, and they had
Mary Oliver Martin who married George LeMaster in Marblehead, and they had:
Thomas Stevens in Georgetown, and he married Sally (Sarah) Grover and they had:
Mary Oliver LeMaster who married first Benjamin Valentine and then Thomas Martin Harris in Marblehead. Mary and Thomas had:
Joseph Stevens in Georgetown, and he married Abby Spencer of Lainsville, MA and they had:
Martha Martin Harris who married Samuel Ruggles Henderson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and they had:
Byron Stevens in Gloucester, MA and he married Catherine McPhee on Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, and they had:
Samuel Ruggles Henderson, Jr., Joseph Harris Henderson, and Marto Henderson, all born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ruby Catherine Stevens in Chelsea, Massachusetts who took the stage name "Barbara Stanwyck"


Barbara Stanwyck - Publicity Shot
Stanwyck as Victoria in "Big Valley"
Stanwyck as Mary Carson in "The Thorn Birds" Miniseries