1125 William Charles
b. About 1599
d. 27 Apr 1693
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Sarah Unknown
b. 1595
d. 1647
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Relationship Events:
? Marriage William Charles to Sarah Elizabeth Unknown
26 Nov 1774
Ancestor Leaf 1015 Mary Charles Found in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
James Dennis about 1655 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USAFour Children: James Jr., Mary, Amos, and Agnes Dennis
What We Know


William Charles was born to John and Elizabeth Billingsley Quarles in England, one of three children, and he emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was taxed in 1637 in Salem according to record of the excerpt of his nephew John's will. In this will, John Charles mentioned his cousins Robert C. and Mary Charles, "present wife of James Dennis." It's possible that Robert was Mary's brother, but he could also have been the son of one of William's two brothers.

William Charles appears in various Court and other records in the Essex County area.

In 1646, his mark as a witness was written to the will of George Pollard.

In 1648 he was chosen and sworn the constable of Marblehead.

In 1651 he was a witness to Samuel Dolliver not warning the town of the country rate.

In April of 1659, he appeared as a witness against James Smith for absenting himself from worship.

A day later in April of 1659, he appraised the inventory of the estate of Benjamin Mountjoy.

On 28 Jun 1659, he served on the Grand Jury of the Salem Court.

From the excerpts of his own will, we know that he owned land, which he left to his three surviving grandchildren, the children of his daughter Mary and her husband James Dennis of Marblehead.



Mystery: Was Mary Charles the daughter of William Charles or his cousin as he refers to her in his will? Who is his "cousin" Robert? If Mary is his daughter, perhaps Robert is his son. Or perhaps neither of them are his children.


VOLUME 1 1 1665-1674

Estate of William Charles of Marblehead.

"I William Charles being sick of body, but of perfect mem-
ory and calling to remembrance the uncertain state of this
my naturall life, do make, frame and constitute this my last
Will and Testament in manner and forme following: viz. I
recommend my soul into the hands of Christ my Redeemer,
my body to the earth decently to be buried, my estate which
God hath lent me I dispose off as followes. Imps. I will that
my due debts which I owe to any persons may be satisfyed by
the Executrix of this my will ; I give and bequeath to my
dear wife Sarah (whom I do by these constitute Executrix)
all the movables within doors to enjoy absolutely as her owne forever,
and dispose off as shee shall see meet at her decease & I do by these
presents constitute my loving Cousen James Dennis to be assistant,
and joynt Executour along with my wife; The remainder of the estate I
give also the whole use and benefit of it to be enjoyed by her during her naturall life,
and for her comfortable maintenance I give liberty to her,
taking the advice of my loving Freinds therein, M"" Moses
Mavericke. M'' Samuell Cheever and Richard Norman, in case of want
to sell, dispose or alienate any part of the estate for her needfull
maintenance ; After my wifes decease I give and bequeath the whole
estate then left (excepting what was before excepted) and a shilling
which I give to my Cousin Robert Charles to my Cousin James Dennis
his children which he hath or may have by my Cousin Mary his present

William (his W mark) Charles (seal)

Witness: John (his H mark) Peach, Joseph Dallaber.

Proved in Salem court 27: 4: 1673 by John Peach, Sr. and
Joseph Daleber.

Inventory taken Feb. 10, 1672-3, by John (his mark)
Peach, sr., and Samll. Ward : One bed and furnter, 5li. ; 1
new sut with drawers and wastkoat belonging to them, 3li. ;
1 sut more with drawers and wastkoat. Hi. 10s. ; 1 Cape Cloth
Coat, Hi.; 1 hatt, 3s.; 2 shirts, 7s.; 1 pair of stokins, 2s.; 2
(oId Chests, 8s. ; 1 old table, 3s. ; 1 Chair, 2s. 6d. ; 1 picher
with other Earthenware, 3s. ; 2 buckitts, with other woden ware, 5s.;
3 bras ketles, Hi. 10s.; 3 Iron ketls, 12s.; 1 Iron pot, 4s., 1
Iron skillitt, 6s. ; 1 fowling pes. Hi. ; pot hooks, tier shovell and
tongs, 5s. ; 1 tramell and frieing pan, 10s. ; 2 bibls and one
other book, 15s.; 1 paier of boots and 1 barill, 15s.; 1 Iron pott, 10s.;
2 bbls. and 1-2 of mackrell at 35s., due from Mark Pittman, 40s.;
6 cows, 24li. ; 1 dwelling house with outhouses, orchard and Land
adjoining, 801i. ; 5 ackor Lott, 12li. ; half a parsell of Salt marsh
lieing betwixt him and John Peach, sr., in south field, 301i.;
his part of land in the farm bought of Major Hathorn, lOli. ; 2 Kows
Leas in the Comons as it was first granted, lOli. ; half an Hand
Comonlie Cald nick Charls liis Hand, with half the stage standing
upon it, 40li.; half of a shallop, 15li.; total, 224li. 15s.

Attested by Sara, the widow, and James Denis, executors.

Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 20, leaves 56, 57.

Citation Nov. 20, 1695, to James Dennis surviving execu-
tor of the will of William Charles late of Marblehead, to ap-
pear at the house of Frances Ellis in Salem and render an
account of his executorship, upon the request of Thomas
Trevie who married Annis Dennis a legatee in said will.

The account of what James Dennes hath paid for William
Charles and his wife deceased Jan. 15, 1672 and other charges :
for 2 Cofens & to gi-aves, Sarah Charles 18s. of it, Hi. 18s. ; to
Richard Norman for wine for his burial, 2li. 10s. ; Mr. Moses
Mavrick as by his account, Hi. 12s. 7d. ; John Waldron for work, 15s.;
for wine at ant Charles burial, [14s. crossed out] ; Benjiman
Panieter for worc, 14s. ; Mr. John Higesson. Hi. 10s.; Morgan, 16s.;
Tomas Petman, 4s.; Mr. Jonathan Corwin, 231i. 8d. ; charg of proving
& Recording the will, lis.; by going to Law about the Comons, 21i. ;
total, 36li. 5s. 3d.

Disbursements of the estate: for building the
stage new my part, 131i. ; laid out on the ground worck, 3li. ;
seventy on pole of Stone wall & dech about the 5 acker lot,
81i. 17s. 6d. ; a small hanm in the 5 acker lot, 31i. ; making a
Cart waye through a swamp in the lot, 41i. ; laid out in apel
treas to set in the lot, Hi. 4s.; stone wall about the orchet, 4li. 7s. 7d. ;
total, 371i. 9s. Id.


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