1070 William Bartlett
b. 1603
Powerstock, Dorset, England
d. 26 Aug 1657
Frampton, Dorset, England

Edith Hayward

b. About 1624
d. 10 Jul 1652
Frampton, Dorset, England
Relationship Events:
28 Apr 1628 Marriage William Bartlett to Edith Hayward
  Magdalin Bartlett b. 1629 in England
Bathsheba Bartlett b. 1634 in England
  Joane Bartlee b. 1636 in England; buried Feb 1642 in England


Ancestor Leaf 940 Robert Bartlett bp. 4 Feb 1638 in Frampton, Dorsetshire, England; d. 27 Jun 1717 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

1. Mary Walton before 1664 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts

2. Rebecca Greene Pinson Bubier 24 Dec 1702 both in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Seven Children: William, Nathaniel, Mary, Martha, John, Josiah, and Abigail Bartlett
  William Bartlett
bp. 10 Dec 1640 in England


  Faithful Bartlett bp. 10 Sep 1642 in England; d. about 1643 in Massachusetts

Margaret Unknown in 1673 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts

One Child: Faithful Bartlett
  John Bartlett bp. 4 May 1645 in England; d. 1724 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Bethia Devereux before 1691 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Three Children: Faithful, William, and Bethia Bartlett
What We Know


I've seen the wife of William Bartlett given in many genealogies on the Internet as Edith Hayward, however the LDS record which appears below is the only source I could find other than private genealogies.

William's daughter Magdalin apparently deposed that her father was also the father of Captain Robert Bartlett of Marblehead. That John Bartlett of Marblehead was also his son is sourced by LDS.


It is unknown whether William and Edith were ever in America. The LDS record shows her as being born in Marblehead in 1624, but I deem this as impossible since Marblehead didn't exist that early.

There are records of a William and Faithful of the right ages being in Massachusetts in the mid 1600s, but no further proof.

Robert and John however married in Marblehead, had children there, and died there, leaving records which authenticate those facts for us.







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